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Meet Dr. Peterson and his fantastic team, who can’t wait to start your smile makeover! Did you know San Tan Valley is the only location of Peterson Family Orthodontics? That means 100% of our attention is dedicated to giving you and your family the smiles of your dreams. Our focus is on your community, your schools, and your families. Dr. Peterson is your orthodontist in San Tan Valley, AZ!

We know a lot of thought goes into choosing an orthodontist for your family. That’s why we’ve made your choice easier by offering several convenient features in our practice in addition to our convenient location.

First, we don’t do those awful, goopy impressions you’ve heard your friends gag over or may have even experienced yourself. In fact, we don’t even own the supplies to do one! Instead, we have a fancy digital scanner that captures a perfect image of your teeth in minutes. The scanner is about the same size and shape as a toothbrush. We insert a sterile, disposable tip and glide the instrument softly along all edges of your teeth until the computer has enough information to form an exact model of your mouth. From there, Dr. Peterson has the information he needs to create a treatment plan especially for you.

Another great perk at your orthodontist in San Tan Valley, AZ is our Smile on…Forever program. After Dr. Peterson finishes your incredible smile, we want you to keep it forever! A very important part of this is wearing your retainers. Patients find all sorts of creative ways to lose their retainers. However, with every full-treatment from Peterson Family Orthodontics, you have an option to enroll in our program to replace lost or broken retainers. Once your treatment is complete, we will take a digital scan of your teeth and provide you with a 3D model. Keep this in a safe place and wear your retainers as instructed. If you ever lose your retainer, simply bring your 3D model into our office and we’ll make you a new one for only a small copay.

One of our greatest priorities is making sure our office runs on time so you can get back to the important things in your life. Our waiting room is pretty great, but our goal is to get you out of there as quickly as possible. We have special operating systems in place to make sure our practice runs efficiently to get you out doing what you love in no time.

We are so excited to be your orthodontist in San Tan Valley, AZ! Dr. Peterson and his enthusiastic, highly trained team can’t wait to start working on your beautiful smile and give you the confidence you need to fulfill your dreams. Make Dr. Peterson your family’s orthodontist. Schedule a complimentary consultation today by calling us at (480) 725-9272.

Dream big. Smile on.

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