Health Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

Many people are surprised to learn that orthodontic treatment is more than just cosmetic. It is true that braces give you improved facial appearance and better self-esteem. But braces also have a lot of important health benefits, such as oral disease prevention, alignment of the bite, and reduced risk of dental injuries. A dazzling smile is just the icing on the cake!

Orthodontic treatment reduces your risk of oral disease

Perfectly aligned teeth are a lot simpler to keep clean than crowded or crooked teeth. Why? Food particles tend to get stuck in between poorly aligned teeth, and can be quite difficult to remove by brushing or flossing. This can cause problems such as cavities and periodontal disease. As we all know, dental problems can be painful and expensive! Orthodontic treatment can help to prevent many dental problems down the road. 

Orthodontic treatment aligns your bite

When you get braces, a major component of your treatment plan involves how to fix your bite so your jaws can fit together correctly. A bad bite (known as malocclusion) negatively affects the teeth by contributing to unnecessary wear and grinding. Malocclusion can also contribute to problems with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Some people experience headaches or trouble chewing due to these problems. Jaws that fit together correctly are much more comfortable to live with. 

Straight teeth are less likely to be injured

Teeth that protrude are more likely to be injured in an accident. In addition, poorly aligned teeth can over time chip or crack from the everyday pressures of biting and chewing with a less than ideal bite. Chipped teeth look unattractive, while cracked teeth may require root canal treatment and crowns. It makes sense to invest in orthodontic treatment early on instead of paying to fix injuries later.

More than just a pretty smile

When Dr. Scott Peterson finishes your orthodontic treatment, your smile will of course be stunning. But you will also experience the pleasant side effect of better oral health! Your oral health has a significant effect on your overall health and quality of life. The team at Peterson Family Orthodontics in Queen Creek / San Tan Valley AZ is ready to help you achieve the healthy smile you have always dreamed of.

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