Self-Ligating Braces, Pitts 21, and Smile Arc Protection

What are self-ligating braces?

     When you start shopping around for an orthodontist, you will likely hear about self-ligating braces. Self-ligating braces are a type of bracket that many doctors these days are using to shorten treatment times and achieve more esthetic results. They allow for greater control and efficiency than conventional braces do.

Pitts 21 self-ligating bracket.

How are self-ligating braces different from conventional braces?

     At first glance, the two types of braces look very similar. The difference is only apparent upon close inspection. Conventional orthodontic brackets attach to the archwire with small elastic ties. Self-ligating brackets have small metal doors built into each bracket which hold the archwire snugly in place.
     One advantage of self-ligating brackets is that fewer visits to the orthodontist are needed. In addition, the visits themselves are shorter, because removing and inserting archwires into self-ligating brackets is faster and easier than removing and inserting them into conventional brackets. They’re also easier to keep clean, thanks to the lack of elastic ties which tend to collect food and plaque. But, if you have great hygiene and happen to enjoy colors, you can absolutely ask to have colored ties placed on your self-ligating brackets as a fun decoration!

Pitts 21 and Smile Arc Protection

     Dr. Peterson uses an advanced self-ligating system called Pitts 21. The Pitts 21 system is designed to achieve predictably excellent results in an efficient manner, often several months sooner than could be achieved with conventional braces. The brackets have rounded corners for comfort and put less friction on the teeth, creating a better day-to-day experience for the patient.
     Part of the Pitts 21 protocol is Smile Arc Protection. This simply means that brackets will be placed in a way that allows for more vertical incisor display. The brackets are placed fairly high on the teeth to allow the smile to follow the curvature of the bottom lip. Instead of a flat smile with teeth lined up straight across, the patient gets a beautiful wide Hollywood smile.

Your left side shows brackets placed for Smile Arc Protection, while your right side illustrates brackets placed in the conventional way. Notice how the teeth on your left side of the image follow the curve of the lower lip.

     No matter where you are starting from, Dr. Peterson can use Pitts 21 self-ligating braces to transform your smile. Call today to schedule your complimentary consultation!

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