Rubber Bands

Braces will straighten your teeth, but when it comes to achieving the perfect bite, rubber bands are the real MVP! Orthodontic elastics, also known simply as rubber bands, are key to ensuring you get the smile of your dreams. 

What are orthodontic elastics?

Orthodontic elastics are small rubber bands worn in a particular way to help correct the bite. They come in different sizes and strengths. You can choose either clear or colored rubber bands. 

Why do you have to wear them?

Orthodontists ask their patients to wear rubber bands because they are the best way to correct a bite that is not quite ideal. Patients can have perfectly straight teeth, but if the occlusion (your bite) isn’t right, the smile won’t look or feel perfect. Not wearing your rubber bands consistently is a great way to prolong your treatment time! 

Tips & Tricks

  • Always wear your orthodontic elastics exactly as instructed. They must be on the correct teeth to work properly.
  • Be sure to wear your elastics for at least 22 hours a day (unless the orthodontist tells you otherwise). 
  • You can take them out to eat and brush. Place new rubber bands immediately afterwards, as they do get stretched out after a few hours of wear. BUT, if you wear them while you eat, the chewing motions help them work even BETTER which means you’ll see results FASTER.
  • Don’t double up the bands or use a different band than the one you were given. Too much force is not good for teeth and can actually slow progress down.
  • If you run out of elastics before your next appointment, call your orthodontist. You can drop by the office to pick up more, or the team can mail them to your home. 
  • Keep a spare bag of elastics in your backpack or purse so you never run out when away from home.

We love our patients at PFO, but we don’t want anyone to have to wear braces longer than planned! Wear your rubber bands, and ask questions if you’re unsure. With consistent and correct elastic use, your new smile will be finished in no time.

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