8 Essential Back-to-School Items for Kids in Braces

The back to school season has arrived! Our students here in Queen Creek and San Tan Valley will soon be heading back to class. Kids will surely be busy with homework, sports, and friends. Here are some things you can keep in your backpack to help keep your orthodontic treatment going smoothly.

Travel toothbrush and toothpaste

These can be purchased very inexpensively at the dollar store. It’s always ideal to brush immediately after eating.

Proxy brush 

Also known as a “Christmas tree brush”, this can be used to quickly clean food out from between brackets. 


Special orthodontic flossers like Platypus flossers are great to tuck into your bag for a quick floss after lunch.

Orthodontic wax

If a wire or bracket is bothering you, you’ll be prepared to cover it with your orthodontic wax.

Rubber bands

Wearing rubber bands is one of the most important parts of your treatment and you don’t want to skip out on wearing them. Ask your orthodontist for an extra pack of rubber bands to keep in your backpack. 

Hand mirror

Great for quickly checking that you don’t have food stuck in your braces.

A pouch to keep everything in

A small pouch or ziploc bag keeps things neat and clean.

Water bottle 

Important for hydration, of course, but also good to swish your mouth after eating when you can’t brush right away.

With these items on hand, you will be ready for anything! When it’s time to see Dr. Peterson to get your braces tightened, ask about scheduling your appointment during one of our convenient before or after school slots. Feel free to give the office a call with any questions or concerns.

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