Do Braces Set Off Metal Detectors?

Whether it is the inconvenience of holding up the security line or the fear of having to get an invasive pat down, many people experience anxiety when walking through metal detectors. If you are thinking about getting braces, you may be wondering do braces set off metal detectors? 

Braces and Metal Detectors

If you have concerns about getting metal braces because they might set off the metal detector at school or the airport, you can rest assured. Braces won’t cause you any problems in the security line.

Aren’t Braces Made From Metal?

Braces can be made from metal, ceramic, or plastic. Metal braces typically use stainless steel bands, brackets, and wires. However, even metal braces don’t set off metal detectors.

Why Don’t Braces Set Off Metal Detectors?

Walk-through metal detectors use pulse induction technology to create magnetic fields by sending short bursts of electrical current through coils of wire. When metal passes through these fields, it creates a reflected magnetic field that reacts with the detector’s receiver coil and triggers the alarm.

However, even very sensitive metal detectors can’t detect very small amounts of metal. Braces contain small amounts of lightweight metals that even powerful detectors won’t pick up.

Will Braces Set Off Airport Security?

While airport metal detectors are often more sensitive than detectors in schools, workplaces, or sports stadiums, they still have limits. Studies indicate that airport detectors can’t detect ferrous metals smaller than 2.0 mm in diameter or non-ferrous metals smaller than 3.0 mm in diameter.

While airport detectors can pick up orthopedic implants, knee and hip replacements, keys, belt buckles, and metal jewelry, the brackets and wires in metal braces are too small for airport metal detectors to detect. As a result, your braces shouldn’t cause you any problems when going through airport security.

Why Get Metal Braces?

Metal braces don't set off metal detectors, so they are a popular treatment.

If you’re still nervous about metal braces setting off metal detectors, you may wonder if they are worth the risk, versus getting braces made from some other type of material. Metal braces remain the most popular orthodontic treatment for patients of all ages.

This is because metal braces are less expensive, more durable, and can treat more conditions than braces made from other materials. Additionally, modern metal braces have smaller brackets and cause less irritation than the braces your parents or grandparents may remember from their youth.

Peterson Family Orthodontics treats patients in the San Tan Valley with self-ligating braces that eliminate the need for elastic o-rings, which make the treatment faster and more comfortable. Because metal braces don’t use the complex technology and expensive equipment that newer treatments require, they are a cost-effective option for many patients.

Metal Braces at Peterson Family Orthodontics

Peterson Family Orthodontics offers the latest technology, featuring sleek brackets and light wires that make our metal braces attractive and comfortable. Not only will you not have to worry about setting off metal detectors with your metal braces, but you can get the smile you want at a price you can afford. Contact our San Tan Valley office to schedule a free consultation.