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How do braces work?

     A lot of people wonder how braces work. It helps to first understand what the components of the actual braces are. After that, we will go over what happens on a biological level.What braces are made of The first component of braces is the brackets, which are the...

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Eating with Braces

Let’s start off with a bit of trivia. What is Dr. Peterson’s busiest day for broken brackets? It’s November 1st! Halloween night is a great time to chow down on Halloween candy and treats. However, as you probably already know, you should put a little extra thought...

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Meet Team PFO

Dr. Peterson has compiled a fantastic team full of bright, compassionate, energetic members who are bursting with PFO pride and can't wait to make your day! Let's meet these amazing individuals who work with Dr. Peterson to make your smile their priorityTaraTara is...

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Back to School with Braces

Summer break is quickly coming to an end, and for many of our patients the new school year will be their first time hitting classes with braces. Are you excited for your friends to see your new grill? Nervous about what it means for fall sports? Here are a few tips to...

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Adult Braces

Did you never have a chance to have braces as a kid? Or maybe you had them but lost your retainer and your teeth have a mind of their own. No matter what your story, it’s never too late to get your perfect smile! Adults with braces in San Tan Valley AZ are becoming...

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Life With Braces

Having braces will give you a beautiful smile that will change your life forever! What about the changes you’ll experience while wearing your braces? Your Queen Creek orthodontist has a few ideas of what to expect during your journey. Your oral hygiene is doubly...

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