Meet the Team





Orthodontic Assistant


Ginny is one of our fantastic assistants who keeps those braces working. Her positive attitude and smile will brighten your day at every visit! Ginny loves to play tennis, racquetball, football, and roller skate. Don’t be surprised if you see her at the trampoline park jumping side by side with her 6-year-old daughter!


Treatment Coordinator


Lindsey is the queen of giving our new patients an outstanding first experience at the office! She specializes in giving exceptional tours of the office, taking way too many photos of the inside of your mouth, and answering every question you can think of when it comes to braces. Lindsey loves adventures-the more extreme the better! After work she often rushes off to kick-box, or to her side gigs as as a wedding planner, hand model, and photographer.


Insurance and Marketing Specialist


Everyone gets excited when Naomi walks in! She always comes bearing gifts of PFO swag, goodies, or our signature flavored butter. Naomi is tasked with the challenge of helping our outstanding patients to find us; talk with her for five minutes and you’ll learn her passion for PFO runs deep! She’s a party planner, gift giver, and just about the most friendly person you’ll meet. Naomi’s favorite place to be is at home with her husband and son.


Practice Administrator


Kathryn works her magic behind the scenes at PFO managing accounting, Human Resources, and maintaining our online presence.  She is super lucky because she gets to hang out with Dr. P both at work and at home with their three adorable kids. She enjoys cooking, playing the harp, and spending time outdoors.



Orthodontic Assistant


Who’s sweeter than PFO cookies and lemonade? It’s our orthodontic assistant Julie! She keeps the back-office and Dr. Peterson organized to perfection. Her specialties include helping you choose the perfect color of bracket ties, clipping your wires just right, and giving sage advice about how to overcome those sore teeth after an adjustment. Julie enjoys baking, gardening, and spending time with her husband and kids. If she’s ever missing from the office, chances are you can find her in Sedona watching Seven Brides for Seven Brothers on repeat.


Orthodontic Assistant


Jaseline makes her home among the blue ortho chairs and takes care of our patients alongside Dr. Peterson. With her several years of ortho experience, she’s the perfect fit for the job! Jaseline is a self-proclaimed travel fanatic and has visited countries around the world. Whether she’s swimming with sharks and parasailing in Hawaii or hiking in Iceland, she documents it all through her beautiful photographs. Ask her about her latest trip during your next visit!


Front Office Coordinator


Richele is the first smiling face you’ll see when you come to PFO! She keeps us organized and stocked with warm Batch cookies. Richele enjoys paddle boarding, baking, hiking, creating jewelry, doing yoga, and going on adventures with her husband and two kids. She is on a mission to save the world and volunteers to help with things like ocean clean-ups and plastic reduction education.

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