New Year’s Resolutions for Orthodontic Patients

Happy New Year! The beginning of January is a time when many people set goals for themselves. Perhaps you want to exercise more, learn to cook, or read more books. Why not also set a few goals in regards to your orthodontic treatment?

Brush three times a day for three minutes each time

It’s necessary to brush more frequently while in braces because food tends to get caught in them. Set a timer on your phone to be sure you are brushing the entire three minutes. 

Floss daily

Flossing is great for your oral health. Daily water flosser use is awesome, but it’s even better to add in regular flossing. You can use an orthodontic product like a Platypus flosser to make it easy.

Wear rubber bands for at least twenty two hours a day

The more you wear them, the better they will work, and the sooner you’ll be out of braces! Wear exactly as Dr. Peterson prescribes. If you run out, contact the office for more. Never double up your bands unless the orthodontist says to. 

Wear a mouthguard when playing sports

You don’t want to lose a tooth due to a sports injury! Always wear a mouthguard. Be sure it is made for athletes with braces – the package will specify this.

See your dentist at least twice annually

Your dentist will monitor your oral health and watch for issues. The hygienist can perform your cleanings even with braces on, but to make it easier, you can call us and set an appointment to have your wires removed before the cleaning and replaced after. 

Add these tips to your list of New Year’s Resolutions and your smile will thank you! And if your resolution is to start your orthodontic journey, reach out to Peterson Family Orthodontics in San Tan Valley today.