Orthodontist Jokes To Put a Smile on Your Face

Do you know that the fear of visiting the orthodontist for treatment and to boost dental hygiene is among the most common concerns for people in the United States? Fear of dental treatment ranks fifth on the list of top phobias for Americans, and for many patients, the anxiety over any pain they might feel during a visit can prevent them from seeking help.

At Peterson Family Ortho, we want to make you and your family smile with 10 orthodontist jokes and puns that we hope ease your fears and make you feel more comfortable about your upcoming visit. 

1. Orthodontist Jokes Featuring Animals

If you and your kids love animals, these jokes are for you. Tell them on the way to your appointment at our San Tan Valley location and come up with a few of your own to keep anxiety at bay. 

  1. Q: Where do whales go to get their braces adjusted?
    A: At the orca-dontist! 
  2. Q: Which dinosaur do dentists like best?
    A: A flossiraptor! 
  3. Q: Why did Bambi visit the orthodontist?
    A: Because he had buck teeth! 
  4. Q: What do you call a bear with no teeth?
    A: A gummy bear! 

2. Tooth Jokes and Orthodontist Puns

Teeth of all kinds are ripe for parody and puns, so brace yourself for these dentist and orthodontist jokes that are nothing but the tooth! 

  1. Q: When is the best time to schedule an dentist appointment for a cracked molar?
    A: Tooth-hurty!
  2. Q: What did the dentist say to the pro golfer during an exam?
    A: You have a hole in one! 
  3. Q: Why did the iPhone visit the dentist?
    A: It was having trouble with its Bluetooth. 
  4. Q: How do orthodontists cross water?
    A: On the tooth ferry! 

3. Don’t Wait Around for Dentist and Orthodontist Jokes About the Waiting Room

There are even orthodontist jokes about the waiting room.

If you need to pass some time as you wait for your appointment, try a few of these jokes! 

  1. A man walks into his dentist’s office and sees a new streaming television mounted on the wall. He asks the doctor what he bought it for, and the orthodontist replies, “So my patients come in for Netflix and drill.” 
  2. A college-bound son tells his parents he’s decided to become an dentist instead of a heart surgeon. When his parents asked why, the son replied, “Do the math! Because people only have one heart but 32 teeth!” 
  3. A man goes to the dentist due to a painful cavity. The doctor tells him to open wide, then exclaims, “This is the deepest cavity I’ve ever seen!” “Please, doc, I’m nervous enough!” The patient replies. “Did you have to say it twice?” “I didn’t,” the doctor replies. “That was an echo!” 
  4. An orthodontist greets a new patient, and once she sits in the chair and the doctor tells her to open up, she hesitates. “What’s wrong?” He asks, and the patient sighs. “My therapist warned me about opening up to strangers too soon.” 

4. Brace Yourself for These Orthodontist Jokes About Braces 

Approximately 4 million people in the United States today wear braces. Whether you need a consultation about being fitted for modern clear braces or require an adjustment for your wires or brackets, brace yourself for these puns! 

  1. Q: Do you know why the scarecrow got braces to further his career?
    A: He wanted to be outstanding in his field! 
  2. Q: What did the braces say to the saltwater taffy?
    A: “Why are you always getting between things?” 
  3. Q: How do Invisalign braces communicate?
    A: Wirelessly! 

5. Dentist and Orthodontist Jokes for the Office Staff 

Why not try some of these jokes on our office staff as you wait for your appointment? After all, we love them as much as you do! 

  1. An FBI agent goes to the dentist to have an exam. The doctor says, “It looks like we have a few job descriptions in common.” “How’s that?” The agent asks. The doctor smiles. “We both do cavity searches!” 
  2. A patient stops at the front desk to pay his bill and asks for his total in a loud voice. After paying, he shouts a farewell. “Why was he yelling?” The receptionist asks the doctor, who sighs. “I just put all caps on his teeth.” 
  3. Q: Why do teeth get out of alignment?
    A: Because shift happens! 
  4. Q: Why was the Invisible Man worried about making his orthodontic appointment?
    A: He was unsure about when the doctor could see him.

6. Put Smiles on Faces With Orthodontist Jokes About Teeth

  1. Q: What did one tooth say to the other?
    A: “Put on your cap; the dentist says he’s taking us out tonight!” 
  2. Q: What did one tooth say to another during halftime at the football game?
    A: “Can we skip watching the drill team?”
  3. Q: What is an orthodontist’s favorite day of the week?
    A: Toothsday.

7. One Super Orthodontist Pun

Puns and orthodontist jokes can lighten the mood.

The God of Thunder went to visit his orthodontist. When he returned, he refused to attend the afternoon superheroes meeting. Apparently, he had a tooth pulled and was too Thor. 

8. Orthodontist Jokes for Halloween

  1. Renfield brought Dracula to the orthodontist, but the vampire seemed hesitant to speak. When the doctor asked why, Renfield replied, “He’s embarrassed by his bat breath.”
  2. Dracula visited his orthodontist to get his braces removed. A week after the appointment, the doctor receives a thank-you note that says, “Fangs for the memories!” 

9. I Find Your Lack of Floss Disturbing 

A stormtrooper went to see his dentist because of a toothache. “Doc,” he asked, “is it bad?” “Not really,” the dentist replied. “You have a cavity affecting part of the tooth, and I can simply fill in the dark side.” 

10. An Orthodontist Joke for Frosty

A snowman walked into an orthodontist’s office and immediately demanded to see the doctor. When the receptionist asked if there was an emergency, the snowman scowled. “Of course it is! I think I have frostbite!” 

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