Myth Busting

Worried that your braces will cramp your style? Luckily, many of the things you’ve probably heard about braces are simply not true. 

You can still play musical instruments with braces

It might take a couple days for you to adjust after you get your braces on, but you’ll be back to playing your instrument just like before in no time. 

You can still participate in sports with braces

Just be sure to wear a mouthguard that is designed for braces. The package should specify this. All athletes should wear mouthguards whether they have braces or not. 

You can still eat most foods – just with some modifications

You’ll need to stay away from foods that are majorly sticky or hard like Takis, taffy, or caramel. But most everyday foods can be eaten as long as you cut or tear them into bite size pieces, and chew with your molars. 

It’s impossible to get stuck together if you kiss someone else with braces

Modern braces are small and discreet. They don’t have any parts on them that could lock onto someone else’s braces.

You won’t set off metal detectors

The types of metal used in braces are not the same types of metal that metal detectors search for. 

You won’t be in braces for years on end

It depends upon the individual case of course, but with modern orthodontics, most cases are completed in less than 24 months. 

Braces aren’t just for kids

Lots of adults pursue orthodontic treatment, whether they choose traditional braces, clear braces, or clear aligners. The American Association of Orthodontists estimates that 1 in 4 orthodontic patients are adults. 

Don’t let common myths about orthodontics keep you from getting the smile you dream of. If you have questions or concerns about your orthodontic treatment, get in touch with the team at Peterson Family Orthodontics. We are here to help!